So what exactly is a “Trunk Show?

So what exactly is a “Trunk Show?

Many of our ‘brides to be’ book into bridal trunk shows (or avoid them) without actually knowing what a trunk show is, what to expect or how it’s going to help them on their journey of finding their dream dress.

Throughout the year bridal boutiques showcase stunning gowns from their designers with TRUNK SHOWS. It’s also an excellent way for boutiques to bring you the work of new designers or brands that are not available in the UK which gives you the added dimension of finding something pretty unique and exclusive.

So what happens at a trunk show and why is it a great idea to book in to find your dress?

Most bridal boutiques stock a good selection of dresses from each of their brands, but it’s impossible for them to stock all of their designs in any one season.

When the trunk show arrives ( literally all the current dresses which can be eight to twenty gowns depending on the designer) the focus can now be on the creations of this ONE DESIGNER. Often some entirely new additions to the collection will be showcased exclusively at these events.

So if you’re a smitten by any particular designers you are following obsessively on Instagram and Pinterest – (you know you are)! this is the perfect opportunity to see the largest selection from YOUR FAVOURITES.

Often there’s a chance to meet the designer in person or a stylist from the brand who with their unique vision, will take you through the beautiful possibilities of what will work best for both your figure and vision. It’s often, but not always the case – that there are special offers for gowns ordered at a trunk show, so it’s worth checking with the individual boutique.

A trunk show can be anything from two to six days in any one boutique depending on the designers’ schedule.

It’s really worth doing your online research beforehand as the dresses are often coming from far and wide across the globe and shipping dresses is an expensive business. Once the dresses go off to the next location, it’s unlikely you will be able to see the dress again, unless it’s one from the boutiques own stock. So it’s a time to find the one,  fall in love and go for it.

This is where the magic happens as once you have decided on your dress, the bridal journey can really begin. Your choice of the dress really sets the tone for the wedding and now you can start planning everything else in earnest.

How big and what shape your bridal bouquet will be? What colors or shades would enhance your dress for bridesmaids, mob’s and mog’s? to how you are going to dress your venue and tablescape. This is often done the wrong way around – all these details should be fine-tuned after you have chosen your dress.

So it’s truly worth keeping an eye out for upcoming trunk shows by your favorite designers who will be posting events across social media, their own websites and also by the luxe boutiques that stock them.

So do your research and take the opportunity to find your dress at one of these unique occasions where you really will be spoilt for choice, after all, it’s all for you the bride to be!

Maria Yiannikaris


Mirror Mirror London