How to find the perfect mother of the bride or groom outfit

Is finding the perfect mother of the bride or groom outfit keeping you awake at night ?

I remember it so clearly, we started planning my son’s wedding well in advance. As a bridal designer I dressed my daughter in law and was asked to advise on most aspects of the wedding. The one thing put on the back burner, what was I going to wear? 

off the shoulder , tulle , fit and flare midi dress with floral embroidery , Bardot neckline

It was a high summer wedding and in the beautiful Priory Barn in Little Wymondley. Being from a Greek heritage where black is actually often worn for weddings on the continent , I was finding the idea of summer florals slightly disconcerting. The other more imminent worry was my figure.

As women, we really find it diffucult to be happy with our bodies. Too fat, too thin, flabby arms, bloated tummies and every other personal body concern you can think of.
There are so many pressures to look your very best. After all we want to make our children proud. But the advancing years can play havoc with our confidence with hormones and hot flushes often in the mix.

There are so many things to make us super nervous. Whether it’s seeing your ex-husband and his younger partner, friends and family we haven’t seen for ages. Or is it  just wanting to look fabulous for those photos being splashed all over pinterest and instagram!!

With all this in mind we have collaborated with the fabulous designer Gill Harvey for a special shopping/styling event. 
Gill will be here in person with her stunning collection designed for mother of the bride or groom occasion dressing. Our experienced stylists will help you find the style, shape and shade to flatter your figure and boost your confidence.

To put together the whole look we have a full styling service. Hair and make up with Andrea Elsby Jones.   Accesories designers from Dolecka  will be on hand to complete your look. Showing unique headdresses and fascinators, they will be offering a bespoke service too.
Our team of experts can offer fitting advice and all sorts of not spoken about details. Like the benefits of dress shields, shape wear and the dramatic effect a good fitting bra.
So take a deep breath, take courage and explore the possibilities. Find the outfit that gives you the confidence to actually feel so good, you forget what you are wearing and focus on enjoying your son or daughter’s wedding to the max!

Maria Yiannikaris


Mirror Mirror London

Now you can gift the ‘Mirror Mirror Bridal experience’.
We look forward to being a part of your bridal journey.

Maria, Jane, and the Mirror Mirror Girls